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Size: 240W x 240D x 390H mm
Born to medical missionaries, JOY BROWN spent the first eighteen years of her life in japan. At the age of eighteen she attended college in the united states and subsequently returned to japan to apprentice, working with clay became a deep-rooted way of life. Through this period of her life, joy was taught specialized artistry, disciplined mindedness and a reverence for clay as a medium. Ever since her foundational exhibits in the early 1990s, joy has displayed her work across the united states, japan and china. After receiving her first award in 1981, she has been recognized for her outstanding artistic sculptures with professional awards ever since.
Joy currently works in kent, connecticut where she chairs a non-profit art organization that supports and celebrates the artistic exchange among people, both locally and globally. Still mountain centre provides opportunities for cross-cultural appreciation, collaboration and innovation in the arts.
Within her workspace in kent, joy implements the japanese method of anagama firing. This particular kiln is a wood firing tunnel that bears the results in her artwork of sumptuous and warm colors. Since her formative years of working with clay, joy's artistic work has undergone an evolution of pots and cups to puppets and human forms. Joy is influenced by japanese haniwa figures, which is shown in the creation of her sculptures with eyes that truly express the emption of her pieces. In more recent years, joy's works have had subtle changes in form that impact the internal strength of the piece. Her works are friendly and joyful; they reach out and interact with the spectator. Most importantly, joy brown describes her own art as, "…quiet, open, aware, unself-conscious, clear and relaxed.
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