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Size: 90W x 190D x 430H mm
French with migrant roots, val is a sculptor that was reared between africa and south america. After working as a citified marketing professional for ten years, val embarked on an expressive and ultimately perceptive pilgrimage to depicting the reality of man's true existence. At the age of thirty, val began her artistic journey with clay. An instinctual creator, val studied in paris with yann kintgen and procured a self-assurance in what she could truthfully imagine and create. Through her hunger to develop and forge physical forms out of clay, val parted from any societal and spiritual bonds, helping her emerge as a student of freedom.

Val was initially esteemed as an artist in april 2004 when she partook in a joint exhibit in bangkok. Ever since 2005, her works have been on permanent display in hong kong, singapore, bangkok and paris. Due to these exhibits val has become a notable and famous sculptor in both europe and asia.

Val's works are first formed primarily with clay and then forged into metal. Through her artwork, val brilliantly illustrates man's insignificance to the relations of being. Her sculptures skillfully incorporate balance and the relationship between light and shadow. In addition, her sculptures portray a solitude and fragility with regards to man's existence. Val's appropriate rendering of proportions in perspective further enhances her depictions of the human condition.
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