Spanish Chair 2226

Size: 83W x 62D x 68H cm
The inspiration of The Spanish Chair is from a trip of Børge Mogensen to Spain in 1958, where is influenced by ancient Islamic culture – from Spain to northern India. However, Børge Mogensen created this chair with his how version. He modernised the shape by removing the elaborate carvings while retaining the important feature: the broad armrests that serve as a practical place to put a glass or a cup. Thus, he created his own version. Also, the combination of oak and butt leather gives a strong, rustic appearance.

Spanish Chair的设计灵感来自于 Børge Mogensen 的一次西班牙之旅。 他以当地的普通座椅作为样板原型,再加入自己的设计风格理念,打造出此款具有特色性的作品。 在设计工程中, Børge Mogensen 减少了复杂的切工线条,却保留了宽幅的手把设计,正好适合摆上一杯香浓咖啡或一杯茶。同时,其木质与皮质材料的完美结合,也体现出其粗犷,质朴传统的另类之美。
Tags: Classic
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