PK61 Coffee Table

Size: 80W x 80D x 32H cm
PK61 coffee table is almost as elementary and minimalistic as it gets from the hand of Poul Kjærholm. The four base elements are joined with machine screws that lend the table part of its unique look. The removable tabletop demonstrates Kjærholm’s recurring principle of using gravity to keep the elements in place. The base is satin-brushed stainless steel. With this elegant furniture, you would enjoy happy tea time with friends and family.

PK61咖啡桌虽然看起来普通,但设计方式巧妙,设计师 Poul Kjærholm 采用了重力原理,让玻璃桌面可调节,自然的搭在用螺丝钉整合的不锈钢支架中,同时不锈钢桌脚也抛光处理,展现出干净利落的清新感,凸显北欧简约风。
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