Paustian ASAP Chair

Size: 61W x 51D x 72H cm
The ASAP chair is an easily stackable chair and winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2012. It is designed for use at the dining table in the home or at restaurants, in a meeting-room or canteen, or indeed anywhere it is desirable to have an elegant and useful chair in a contemporary idiom with great strength and durability. The shape of the frame and the padded seat provide a high degree of comfort, both aesthetically and ergonomically. The seat frame and back are manufactured in the environmentally friendly and UV resistant ASA plastic and the frame is powder-coated steel in either white or black.

ASAP 餐椅的设计获得了2012年丹麦Red Dot奖项, 造型简单而轻巧,采用了人性化的理念设计,既美观又舒适;同时这些餐椅可以互相叠加摆放节省空间;所采用的材料也环保而特殊的,防止UV辐射。是一款难得的现代北欧设计作品。 放在家中,餐厅,会议室,甚至是任何地方,都是非常适用的。
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