Kontro 6000 Pendant Lamp

Categories: Lighting
Size: 45Dia x 21H cm
The Kontro 6000 is a pendant lamp with a double personality, its mirror-image shape part of its charm, expressing the Scandinavian simplicity. Hang it above a table or counter, or in a hallway to fill the space with a warm glow, inviting people to come closer.

Kontro6000吊灯设计独特而新颖,采用镜面成像设计原理,展现北欧简约之美。 挂在餐桌或餐柜顶部都是不错之选,柔和的光线从四周围投射出来,营造温馨气氛,使人们聚在一起,更加亲近,紧密相连。
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