Bowl Table

Size: 52Dia x 46H cm
Bowl Table with alien looking is stable, multifunctional and comes in a knock down form. The tray is made by traditional mango wood; the legs detach for ease of transport, reducing the cost and the energy spent on transporting material from various parts of the world, and additionally, allow the table to be used as a bowl or a tray as well. Also it is available as tea table, coffee table, and dressing table.

Bowl Table 形态复古而有个性,纤细的桌脚良好地分散了桌盘所带来的重量,稳稳当当的立于地上,不易翻倒;而且桌盘和桌脚可以分开单独使用,另有一番滋味。这款设计不仅可作为茶几或咖啡台适用,也可以作为女士们的梳妆台。
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