Aspiro 8000

Categories: Lamps
Size: 50Dia x 25H cm
Asprio 8000 Pendant lamp is the latest product of Secto Design, it is modern and creative. This spiral-shape is handmade entirely in Finland of PEFC-certified Finnish birch by highly skilled craftsmen. And it is a LED light. It can be used in reading room, living room, lobby or even restaurant.

作为Secto Design的新系列产品 Asprio 8000吊灯 ,具有独特的螺旋造型,非常具有创造性。 而且完全尤经验丰富的手工艺者手工制作,将柔韧性十足的桦木有规则地环绕,质地轻盈,却不失现代美感。 而且采用LED灯管,更加地明亮,营造温馨地居家环境。
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