ELEMENT LIVINGFragrance Diffuser - English Pear

Categories: Reed Diffusers
Size: 6.8W x 6.8D x 9.2H cm
Ref #: FD611103
The crisp aroma of ripened pears with hints of fresh greenery wrapped in a classic, floral bouquet of lilies and roses is enchanting and sensuous; a reminiscent of late spring afternoons.

A safe and stylish way to add long-lasting fragrance to any environment:
- Make your home smell beautiful all year round in an understated way;
- Personalize any room with subtle, exquisite fragrances;
- Accentuate a space by slowly releasing mood-enhancing fragrances yet not overpowering.

Specially formulated using the highest quality essential oils, natural fragrances and botanical
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