COMPAGNIE DE PROVENCE Version Original - Liquid Soap - Incense Lavender

Ref #: LS691301
A luxury hand soap combining the ancestral history of the cube of Marseille soap, with authentic creation in a cauldron according to time honoured traditions and nobility. Using the finest raw materials and rich in olive oil, to ensure this moisturising hand wash leaves hands soft and sweet smelling, and thoroughly cleansed.

Connoisseurs will delight in this elegantly refined fragrance of lavender is infused with hints of sandalwood and then both are rendered sublime by the mystical notes of incense.

- Contains neither colouring agents, animal fats nor synthetic surface-active agents
- With natural glycerin, it gently cleanses the skin
- Easily biodegradable
- Available in 3 fragrances
Tags: Fragrance, Natural, Bath & body, Body creams, Hand balm, Soaps, Shower creams
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